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[Som] Discussion moving closer home

NOW meri_awaaz also heard at webpages of many offenders.

Understandably people do not find it palatable to join this discussion group/blog and would rather prefer discussion itself moving closer home to actual webpages of offenders. Please get ready for the move and have Google sidewiki and 'bookmarking' plug-ins configured in your browsers. Here is the tabular list of some of the bookmark entries found.

  1. Whistleblower Blog  
  2. Ripoff at CIC and IIMA  
  3. Prof. B H Jajoo  
  4. Prof. S K Barua  
  5. Prof. T P Rama Rao  
  6. Prof. G Raghuram  
  7. Main webpages of IIM Ahmedabad  
  8. Dr. Vijaypat Singhania  
  9. Mr. Ashank Desai  
  10. Mr. Sunil Mittal  
  11. Mr. Noel Tata   
  12. Mr. N C Vasudevan  
  13. Mr. M B Lal     
  14. Prof. S S Mantha  
  15. Dr. P K Ghosh   
  16. Ms. Rama Bijapurkar  
  17. Dr. Amrita Patel  
  18. Mr. M S Banga   
  19. Mr. Hasit Joshipura  
  20. Mr. Kewal Handa  
  21. Mr. Chintan Parikh  
  22. Mr. Sanjay Lalbhai  

'sue me if you can' attitude of offenders and stress that it causes on whistleblowers with limited resources force them to go offbeat. Beauty of bookmarking tools (Sidewiki, stumbledupon, delicious, etc) is that they help people express their voice of dissent.


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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Islamic terrorism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Islamic terrorism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Discussion on Terrorism, Muslim, Islam, Religion,

Bernard Lewis notes that "Islam, as a religion" is "particularly conducive to terrorism or even tolerant of terrorism," in his own words:

Islam has had an essentially political character (...) from its very foundation (...) to the present day. An intimate association between religion and politics, between power and cult, marks a principal distinction between Islam and other religions. (...) In traditional Islam and therefore also in resurgent fundamentalist Islam, God is the sole source of sovereignty. God is the head of the state. The state is God's state. The army is God's army. The treasury is God's treasury, and the enemy, of course, is God's enemy.[7]

India against corruption: How to support Anna Hazare on web?

New Delhi, Aug 19: With his fight to end growing corruption in the country, Gandhian social activist Anna Hazare has became one of the popular figures in the cyber world also. Anna Hazare and Jan Lokpal supporters have started various forums and websites to gather more support to pressurize government to pass a strong Lokpal Bill.

Team Anna supporters and other social activists are now focusing on social networking sites like FacebookTwitter and Google Plus to spread the message of non-violent protest against corruption. Many of the Facebook users have changed their profile image to Anna Hazare or added badges with slogan like "I support Anna" and "India Against Corruption".

The microblogging site Twitter was flooded with Anna Hazare tweets asking the supporters to participate in protest marches organised in various parts of the country. Anna Team member Kiran Bedi is using her Twitter account to spread messages to Jan Lokpal supporters.

Jan Lokpal Bill supporters have started 'India Against Corruption' website to pressurize the government for enacting Jan Lokpal Bill. India Against Corruption movement is an expression of collective anger of people of India against corruption. Users can login to this website to join the protest against corruption.

India Against Corruption has its pages on Facebook and Twitter. The India Against Corruption page on Facebook has more than three lakh thirty thousand plus supporters.

The 'Janlokpal' Twitter page has nearly 50,000 followers and the words like 'annahazare', 'indiaagainstcorruption', 'janlokpal', 'lokpal' were trending on Twitter.

A facebook page for Anna Hazare has clocked more than 301,952 'Likes' and still counting. On this page, supporters are posting details about protest marches happening in various parts of the country. The video sharing website YouTube was also flooded with videos requesting support for Anna and his Gandhian model fight against corruption.